About Us

The Fresh Pear is an exclusive sneaker boutique that delivers a personalized shopping experience for each unique customer. We work without the third-party middle men relied upon by other major platforms. In the process, we minimize your cost, wait time, and concerns about product authenticity.

We serve a diverse, fashion-forward clientele that includes everyday people looking to make a new statement, sneakerheads adding an amazing pear to their collection, and well-known athletes and celebrities keeping their brand fresh.

Satisfying your unique needs is our sole focus and you should expect nothing less than premier service toward that goal. If we don’t have a shoe, we almost certainly know someone who does. Tough size? Tight schedule? Put us to the test! We love the challenge and pride ourselves in getting the hottest, most wanted shoes to your door right away.

An extensive network of suppliers, collectors, and industry leaders allows our team to locate rare classics and the "gotta haves" set to release soon. These partnerships help us manage an extensive inventory that helps us quickly get you back to school, back in the game, and back in style.

Thanks for visiting us today. We hope to see you often and can't wait to get you looking fresh!!